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Ways to Make Your Assisted Living or Dementia Loved One Smile

9 January 2023

Assisted Living Memory Care Dawsonville GA  
Ways to Make Your Assisted Living or Dementia Loved One Smile - Dawsonville, GA

Welcome back to our blog page for our Dawsonville-area assisted living and our Dawsonville memory care community. Last week’s assisted living and memory care blog post focused upon ideas how you can engage your support group for strength, insight, and reward for your journey as a assisted living or memory caregiver. Today’s focus returns to the loved ones you care for. We offer simple ways to make your assisted living or memory loved one smile. When you do that, of course, you smile along with them.

OK, here’s the big secret: Engage in activities they enjoy! Everyone has different hobbies and interests. If you know what the individual with dementia enjoys, try doing that activity with them. For example, if they enjoy music, try singing or listening to music together.

Share old memories: Reminiscing about past experiences and memories can be a great way to bring joy and connection to individuals with dementia.

Play with pets: Many people find interacting with animals to be calming and uplifting. Consider bringing in a therapy animal or showing the individual pictures of pets.

Use humor: Humor can be a powerful way to bring joy and connection to any situation. Try telling jokes, sharing funny stories, or playing word games.

Offer physical touch: Sometimes, a simple hug or holding hands can bring comfort and joy.

It's important to remember that each assisted living or person with dementia is unique and may respond differently to different activities. It may be helpful to try a variety of approaches and see what brings the most joy and connection.

As always, all of us at Dawsonville’s assisted living community and our Dawsonville Memory Care community are your biggest fans and wish you nothing but happiness and true reward for your selfless support of others.